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Gu Jia is so original. Why does Xu Huashan cheat

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The original title: with such a special Gu Jia, why did Xu Huashan even cheat on

30 is just 30. Since it was broadcast, all the episodes have been on yansou. Perhaps it is because we like to stay in front of TV since childhood. Our group of people have moved towards or passed 30. This number is too close to our physiological and emotional distance

The most contradictory and melancholy age in life and the need to face adversity alone.

However, it is much more difficult for female groups to live from us than we imagined.

Recently, thirty is just like occupying Yan sou. I've been licking ice cream.

This cup of tea is really green enough.

Netizens of

netizens are commenting on the girl's high tea skills.

When he was just conscious, he played the piano and sang love songs with his wife's husband.


licked ice cream, so innocent and stupid.

When his wife refused to have dinner, the little girl insisted on persuading him to eat it.

The wife was worrying about her son's reading, but the son secretly ran to another room and said so vaguely.

The screenshot of the real hammer behind

also makes people hate. With such a soft and virtuous wife, who is knowledgeable and knowledgeable and takes care of his family, why does Xu Huashan still cheat?

If we say that in the first half of my life, Chen Junsheng's infidelity is due to his wife Luo Zijun being a full-time wife just to avoid doing things, mingle with the noble ladies circle and just want to be a canary. Why can't Xu Huashan refuse to seduce Gu Jia, who has the courage and wisdom, the courage, the courage, and the ability to lay down her body and concentrate on consolidating her family?

Apart from the high-end tea art of Xiaosan, this seemingly peaceful couple is related to each other for a long time.

After morning exercise, do Yi's family love and kindness breakfast, wake up their two big baby.


family consistency is planned by itself, and even the length of husband's socks can be managed.

However, Xu Huashan is a man who can't help but steal snacks in his son's room at midnight.

Gu Jia's harshness to himself and his life management is not around Xu Huashan's will power. He is also a foreign country with Gu Jia's courage and firmness. This is why \

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